Preferred Wedding Videographers in Adelaide - Glenn Alderson Preferred Wedding Videographers in Adelaide - Glenn Alderson
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Preferred Wedding Videographers

Why a wedding video?

  • Nothing like video captures the ceremony, speeches, personalities, spontaneous moments, humour, action and feelings of your wedding.
  • Video once came only on DVD, but now video can be shared online in many ways like email, Facebook, forums and on devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and HD TVs with all your family and friends interstate and overseas.
  • It’s a once in a lifetime chance to capture all your family and friends on video.

Why we recommend these videographers?

  • PRICE + PACKAGE – Please check them all out & pick one that suits your style & budget.
  • BEAUTIFUL VIDEO – Stylish, artistic, cinematic video complete with fast paced, interesting editing.
  • LATEST EQUIPMENT – Highest quality cameras and innovative techniques such as Steadicam and cinematic style.
  • PHOTOGRAPHER FRIENDLY – Work very cooperatively with our own photography team.

Looking for a Wedding Video, please consider on these guys:

Infinity Films | Brady Krawczyk |

Little Darling Films | Alannah & Anthony James |

Scarlet Studios | Michael Waxman |

Josh Fernihough | Little Blue Box Media |